Quo Vadis

Where are you going?

Who we are

Quo Vadis [kwo-vahdees]
Latin for where are you going?

The story behind the name is the following:
When Saint Peter flees Rome after the death and resurrection
of Jesus in fear of persecution, he encounters the Lord on
his way. He ask the Lord, walking towards Rome,
“Where are you going?”

Jesus responds he will be crucified a second time in Rome.
The encounter brings Peter back to the city to build the
Lord’s church there.

Pictured are the people who went on the March for Life in January of 2020.


We are striving to answer the Lord’s call

There are many ways in which you can partake in the community of Quo Vadis.
Some of those ways are you can be involved is to be in a small group,
help out with volunteer opportunities, go to a recreation night
and have fellowship through out all events.

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